Some Cool Furniture Configurations And Seating Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

27 September 2017
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Set-up some cool, comfy, and pragmatic seating for your wedding reception, to ensure guests find spots to sit and socialize during your event. When renting furniture for your venue, don't overlook the importance of taking precise measurements, but don't get hung-up on coordinating or matching pieces. Even mismatched furnishings can create cohesive configurations that are perfect for your big day.

Some cool configurations for your wedding furniture rentals include these ideas:

Go modular. Modular seating makes sense so guests face each other and can engage in comfortable conversation. Also, modular seating can make the space efficient and create the most seats in a small space. Ask rental representatives about linear modular pieces for your reception venue.

Create some conversation. Create small conversation areas where guests can leave the festivities and enjoy socializing with friends or family members. This also provides a spot for relatives to sit and take a break between activities or during the party. Use plants or flowers to separate spaces and create cozy nooks throughout the venue.

Consider bistro sets for your bar. Bistro sets make perfect bar and appetizer seating, that exudes a casual air at your reception. Taller tables and stools serve as a great idea for enjoying a drink, but also ensures that your guests return to the party in a bit.

Aim for comfort. Coordinate comfy spots with couches and sofas, where family, friends, and kids can relax and recoup after a busy and exciting event. Some may choose or even need a place to re-group during a festive event, and you want to make all of your guests as comfortable as possible.

Don't be afraid to go eclectic. Choose eclectic furniture for a festive and aesthetically-intriguing element to your venue. Instead of renting all of the same tables, chairs, and accents, go with something unexpected that still adheres to your overall theme or color-scheme.

Craft a couple thrones. Construct a couple of thrones for the couple and adorn the chairs designated for them with decorations, fresh flowers, streamers, photographs, and other accents. This is a tradition in other cultures where the chairs are treated like thrones, and decorated to the hilt! This is a great crafting project for the wedding party in the days leading up to the nuptials.

Visit rental companies to look at unique pieces and sensible seating arrangements for your wedding reception. Try these suggestions to create comfortable and convenient configurations that work, while also crafting a coordinative and complimentary aesthetic for your affair.