3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue

25 March 2018
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When you get married, you want to make sure that you find a wedding reception venue that will fit with your vision of your wedding as well as your specific needs and wants. When choosing a wedding reception venue, think carefully about what type of events you want to happen at your wedding, how many people you are planning on attending your wedding, and the type of decoration and environment you want to create.

Events at Your Wedding

The first thing you need to consider is what type of events you want to happen at your wedding. Do you want to have a sit-down meal? If so, you need a space that is big enough to set up tables and seats for all of your guests.

Do you want to have a cater bring the meal to the tables, or do you want a buffet? If you want the caterer to serve the meals, they will need access to a prep area or kitchen. If you want a buffet, you need space to set up the buffet inside of the venue.

Do you want to have dancing at your reception? If you want to have dancing, you need to have space for a DJ as well as a dance floor.

Do you want to set up a bar? Or have an appetizer table? Or a separate table for your wedding cake?

Think about all the things that you want to include in your reception, and make sure that your venue has enough square footage for you to include everything you want in your wedding reception.

The Size of Your Wedding

One of the biggest determining factors of what venue you choose is the size of your wedding. If you are having a small wedding, you can choose a nice and cozy venue or you can choose a larger venue that feels more spacious. If you are having a large wedding, you have to make sure that your venue is large enough for not only the guests at your wedding, but everyone who will be helping with your wedding, such as your DJ and your catering staff. All reception venues are going to have a maximum capacity, so you want to make sure that your guests and help don't exceed that number.

Environment and Decorations

How much do you want to spend on decorating the venue? Some venues just have a great feeling to them. They are already decorated or have natural elements that step in and provide ambiance to the place. Other venues need a lot more help to feel festive.

Think carefully about how much money and time you want to spend on decorating. If you want to have big decorating dreams, a venue that needs more help to feel festive may be a good fit for you. If you don't want to spend a lot of time or money on decorations, a venue where you only need to provide minimal decorations, such as table decorations, may be a better fit for you.

When considering wedding venues, think carefully about the events that you want to do at your wedding, how many people you want to attend your wedding, and how much decorating you want to do. These three factors will help you narrow down your choices of venues.