Three Things That A Wedding Venue's Barn Has Over An Actual Farm Barn

12 December 2018
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Couples frequently enjoy getting married in barns, given the visual appeal that these rustic locations can offer. If you live in a rural area, finding this venue might seem easy — you simply approach a farmer in your community and ask about converting one of his or her barns to a wedding reception venue for your big day. Before you move forward in this way, however, you should consider contacting a formal wedding venue that has a barn on its premises. Once you tour this venue, you'll almost certainly consider it to be a better choice than an actual farm barn. Here are some reasons why this is true.

It Smells Suitable

One thing that every authentic farm barn has in common is a smell. It could smell of hay, or it might even smell of animals. While this scent might not seem overly egregious to you, it might not resonate with some of your guests. The last thing that you want is to see people wrinkling their noses when they arrive. If you're eating the meal in the barn after the ceremony, some people may even be put off by the smell. When you choose a wedding venue's barn, you can count on it smelling fresh — mainly because it won't have ever held hay or animals.

The Lighting Will Be Better

While farm barns have lights, they're unlikely to give you the look that you're going for. The lights may be of a low wattage, which could make it difficult for your guests to see everything that's going on and would definitely make it a challenge for your photographer to snap photos without the use of flash. Additionally, a farm barn's lights may not look very good — because the barn's animals will have attracted flies, it's common for these lights to be dotted with fly droppings. At a wedding venue, the barn will be equipped with modern-day lighting that brightly illuminates the space.

It Will Have All Of The Amenities You Need

If you were to use a farm barn, you'd perhaps set up different features inside of it. Doing so can be time consuming and costly, however, and the entire space may have a makeshift feel. For example, the barn doesn't have bathrooms, so you'll need rental toilets nearby — something that might not look very appealing. A wedding barn will be equipped with the amenities that you need, including bathrooms, a proper coat room, A/V equipment, a bar, and more.