Details To Consider When You Plan A Central Park Wedding

24 May 2019
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If you're planning to get married in New York City, a wedding in Central Park might be attractive to you. The scenic environment and picturesque backdrop can make for some outstanding views for your guests, as well as for impressive photos that you and your spouse will cherish during your life together. As with planning any wedding, thinking of a series of important details before you move forward will increase the probability that your day goes smoothly. This is especially true in a large venue such as Central Park. Here are some details to think about.

Other Uses Of The Park

More than 37 million people visit Central Park annually, so you can count on the park being busy during your big day. That might not bother you, and you may even enjoy the idea of onlookers watching your nuptials and even applauding you afterward. You'll want to minimize the risk of distractions, however, so it's important to plan your wedding on a day that no other major event is happening at the park—or, at least, in the particular part of the park that you'll be using. Few things can derail a wedding ceremony as quickly as a boisterous event such as a march can.

Method Of Arrival

Depending on where you're getting married inside of Central Park, there are a number of arrival methods that you can consider. You might not want to park and have to walk a considerable distance to the ceremony site, so consider a better method of transportation. Horse carriage rides are a timeless way of getting around Central Park, and they can make for an impressive entrance at the start of your wedding. This is a service that you need to book well in advance of your big day, so give some thought to how you want the arrival of you and your significant other—as well as the bridal party and other important guests—to look.


The photographs that your photographer takes after the wedding ceremony can be breathtaking, so it's important to visit the site of the ceremony beforehand with him or her. Talk through the shot list with the photographer so that you're in agreement about what you want. Whether it's a special landmark inside of the park or having certain buildings in the background, a walk-through in advance can help to ensure that your photographer gets all of the shots that you want.