Don't Make These Wedding Venue Mistakes

24 May 2021
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Choosing a venue for your wedding can be a great time in your life. You are riding the high of being newly engaged, and you are choosing a venue that gives you and your guests the best opportunity to enjoy the special day.

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when they select the right wedding venue. As you choose a venue, try to avoid these mistakes.

Sticking With a Fantasy

While you may have a dream wedding in mind, sticking with your fantasy location could actually be detrimental to your wedding planning. For example, you might have a fantasy that is out of budget, and you might be unhappy with the selections that are available within your budget. An open mind will help you enjoy the available venues.

Not Having Enough Space

It is important that you have room for everybody attending. Keep the number of guests in line with the venue's ability to accommodate. Otherwise, people will be unhappy with the seating available and the space for dancing comfortably.

Not Using the Venue's Aesthetic

Many people enter a venue with a specific aesthetic in mind. For instance, some people know that they want to use pink and purple as their colors, but they might also find that these colors are not a good choice for the venue's aesthetic. For example, you might not want to use hot pink in a venue that is very warm, like a museum or a historical building.

Failing to Know the Budget

It's not enough to have a budget in mind when you choose a venue. You should know exactly how much you can spend on a venue, and you should know what is included by the venue. For example, you might find that your venue costs do not include seats and tables. You need to have the full picture in mind as you shop.

Booking Too Late

Wedding venues book up quickly. Failing to book your venue on time can be a big problem, and it can leave you without a venue on your desired date. Some venues are booked years in advance, so make sure that you begin looking early enough.

Wedding Venue Packages Can Help You

As you choose a wedding venue, you might decide to try a special package. A wedding venue package can give you the opportunity to select several components of your wedding at once, making planning a breeze.

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