Five Tips For Planning An Elopement Ceremony

26 October 2021
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Sure, there is a traditional idea of a wedding. However, the only requirement on this special day is love. What a wedding looks like should solely be up to the couple. So, if you decide to elope, you can create a special and momentous day. Here are some tips to get you started.

Inform Everyone

Yes, your wedding is all about you and your partner, but if you want to keep stress levels down and emotions in a happy space – let your close friends and family know about your decision beforehand. While you do not have to please anyone else, at least informing everyone of your plans ahead of time will make them feel included.

Be Firm in Your Decision

After you let everyone know about your decision, do not be surprised if you have a person or two trying to sway you away from your decision. Often, this persuasion comes from a genuine place, but it is still about what you want. For this reason, know the why behind your decision and be prepared to let anyone know who asks why you made this choice and that you will not be changing your mind.


An elopement does not have to mean free or low cost; there are still expenses involved. In fact, in some instances, eloping to a high-cost destination can be very expensive. To ensure that you are able to have the special day you envisioned, be sure to make an effort to plan and budget in advance.

Research Vendors

Be sure to research vendors, including a photographer, an officiant, and even a venue coordinator. Again, eloping does not have to mean less than, so do not just settle for the first vendor that you are able to locate. Take the time to look for vendors that will meet the details you have envisioned for your special day.

Consider Package Options

If your plans for your special day include eloping in a destination ceremony, you might want to consider a package option. Packing options for an elopement can allow you to include everything from your lodging to your ceremony costs in a single fee. If you want to elope in a foreign country where you are not as familiar with the protocols, a package option can be especially helpful.

Keep all these tips in mind as you plan an elopement wedding, and most importantly, do what is best for you and your partner.