Three Ways To Evaluate A Wedding Officiant

12 May 2022
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The right wedding officiant can play a key role in ensuring that your wedding ceremony is memorable to you and your guests. When it's time to hire this person, it's important that you take your time. Don't be afraid to make a list of a few different officiants who work in your area and evaluate all of them until you find the person who will be the right fit for you and the type of wedding you want to have. There are several different ways that you can evaluate wedding officiants, including these steps:

Interview Them

When you've found a few officiants online, contact each of them to schedule some time together. This session will serve as your casual interview to see if they're the right fit. Most officiants will give people a set amount of time in which to discuss their wishes for their wedding. As you share some details with each officiant, you can assess several things. For example, lots of officiants will try to get to know you and your significant other a little during this session. An officiant who makes this effort will often be able to give more of a personal touch to your ceremony, which can be appealing.

Watch Videos

Many wedding officiants have videos posted on their websites that allow you to watch them performing ceremonies for other couples. Given that a lot of people record their wedding ceremonies on video, it's easy to find clips of many different officiants. Watching these clips will help you to see how they conduct a ceremony. Consider the sound of their voice and their pacing. For example, if they talk in a slow, calm manner, they may help you to feel calmer during this big moment. Some officiants will also occasionally inject a bit of light humor into the ceremony, which you may find endearing.

Read Online Reviews

There are many different websites that allow you to read reviews on local wedding officiants from past clients. While interviewing an officiant and watching a video of them in action is perhaps the best way to get a sense of how they'd run your ceremony, it never hurts to hear about what other the experiences of other couples. If you have a front runner and you find several reviews in which past couples are satisfied with the officiant's performance, you've likely found the right person to oversee your upcoming special day.