3 Tips To Pick A Wedding Venue That Will Produce Incredible Photos

22 August 2022
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When you think about your wedding, you may know that you want to have an incredible experience with your partner and all your guests. However, you might understand that the photos are what you will have to look at and remember for the rest of your life. An excellent plan is to prioritize wedding venues you know will produce incredible photos to look back on.

Following tips on analyzing venues will help you achieve this goal for your wedding.

In-Person Tours

Looking at photos online or in a brochure is not enough to give you an accurate perspective of what a venue will look like in person and in photos. So, you want to schedule in-person tours for any wedding venues you are seriously interested in. Doing a deep analysis of the entire property while focusing on the ceremony and reception area will give you valuable information.

A smart move is to create a checklist of things to analyze, and then you can take notes on everything you see. For instance, you can include lighting, painting, decorations, landscaping, and property upkeep to help you determine a wedding venue's quality.


Another way you can analyze venues is by looking through photographer portfolios. For venues that have been around for a while, you will likely find photographers who have uploaded a variety of photos from these venues for people to see. The trick is to use search engines by looking up the venue itself and including the word "photos," "photography," or "pictures."

Seeing what photos look like at a single venue from the perspective of multiple photographers can tell you a lot about what your photos will look like.


The type of wedding venue you choose will undoubtedly impact the photos. For instance, most indoor venues produce consistent photos regardless of the season or weather conditions. The opposite is outdoor venues, where the season and weather can heavily impact the outcome.

When you love the idea of getting married outside, you can maximize the chance of amazing photos with several strategies. For instance, you can determine which days and weeks have the mildest and most predictable weather conditions and reserve a date around these times.

Another option is to find a place with an indoor and outdoor venue you like and use the indoor venue as a backup if the weather is bad on your wedding day.

Using these tips, you can pick a wedding venue that you know will produce incredible photos. For more information on wedding venues, contact a professional near you.