What To Think About When Planning A Beach Wedding

31 March 2023
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For couples who love to travel, a beach wedding for their ceremony might be the perfect way to celebrate their love. It provides a romantic setting, plus the added advantage of already being at your honeymoon destination. Beach weddings are definitely are favorite among couples who prefer warm and exotic locations, and you certainly will have a memorable day. Before you book your beach wedding, however, here are some things to think about when planning your wedding day.

Accessible Beach For All Your Guests

Beach weddings are a great way to get married but not all beaches are fully accessible for everyone. This means some of your guests might have trouble accessing the location where your wedding is to take place. This could be due to surrounding rocky areas leading to the beach which could hinder those in wheelchairs or have mobility issues. 

Also, the beach might not be as accessible for those who don't drive and are instead taking public transit or perhaps hiring a taxi or a rideshare service. In some cases, taxi services are limited to certain city limits and there may not be many rideshare drivers around in that area. If you do choose a beach with limited access for those who don't drive, ensure there is an alternative means of getting there.

If you are planning a beach wedding, make sure the beach you choose is completely accessible for all of your guests.

Have Appropriate Decorations

While it might be beautiful to have a lot of flowers surrounding your altar or along the aisle attached to your guests' chairs, this might not be a viable decor option for a beach wedding. Beach weddings primarily take place outside right at the waterfront where wind and water splashes could be an issue. If the day you have chosen for your wedding day is a windy one, your flowers and other decor could fly away.

Also, incorporate some cover for your guests into your decor. There usually aren't any trees for shade on a beach, especially if you plan to marry right by the water, so on a hot, sunny day, you don't want your guests to get overheated. You can use open-ended tents, a gazebo, curtains, or gauze to help protect your guests from the sun and wind.

Make sure you also provide some cover for your reception dinner and dance as well. Some beaches can get chilly at night and there is always the chance of rain, so it's better to have the cover than regret it later.

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